TRE Method

TRE – Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises

Have you ever experienced tremors in your body when feeling cold? Or during an intensive work out?  Or after a trauma or accident?  Or after giving birth?

How did you react to those tremors? Did you just allow them to happen or did you force them to stop? It’s more likely that you thought tremoring a sign of weakness, which meant something was wrong with you.

David Berceli, the founder of TRE method, travelled around the world for years, helping people to cope with wars or other crises. He realised that people, regardless of their age, gender or nationality, reacted in the same way to extreme stress: they tended to tremor.  He noticed that this was especially so of children. After talking to others about his observations, he realised that lots of adults had experienced shaking in their body, but had consciously suppressed it, to avoid looking weak.

David Berceli then researched animal behaviour and found out that animals tend to shake themselves after a stressful situation. He also studied biodynamics and put together a simple exercise system which helped artificially produce tremors in the body.  These exercises seemed to help resolve old traumas and stress which people had stored in their bodies.

You can read more about TRE from David Berceli’s website: .

Another very thorough website about TRE is .

TRE is suitable for anyone who can do gentle exercise. TRE is not suitable for people:

  • who have had a very recent operation;
  • who have uncontrolled high blood pressure (if the blood pressure is controlled with tablets, then this is fine); and
  • whose GP advises against their exercising.

If in doubt, consult your doctor.

TRE is especially suited to:

  • people who have suffered trauma and have PTSD;
  • people in the helping professions (doctors, teachers, therapists);
  • soldiers, policemen, fire fighters, etc;
  • people who suffer from anxiety, stress or tension; and
  • people who want to be healthier and happier.

I am TRE level 2 provider, which means I am qualified to teach individuals as well as groups.