An 8-week Alexander Technique course at Longsands Academy in St Neots

Discover the Alexander technique and how it can help you in an 8-week introductory course with Alexander Technique teacher Karin Brown. Course dates 11.01.2016-7.03.2016.

The Alexander Technique is a self-help technique which helps us to become more aware of our habits of balance, posture and movement, and of how we react to life. It helps us to prevent tension and strain, both physical and mental.
Alexander technique may help with undue muscular tension and pain (back, shoulder, neck etc), anxiety, stress, breathing difficulties, voice problems, prevent injuries. It helps also performers to reduce their tensions and performance anxieties. It is used also for pregnant women to prepare for the birth of their child.
In the 8-week course we will learn little bit of theory and elementary anatomy. Most of the course is practical. We will learn how to mentally direct our bodies to lengthen and widen and how to observe our reactions to life. I will use gentle hands-on guidance in order to monitor what is happening in students’ bodies. We will learn active rest on the floor (some books under the head, soles of the feet on the floor). We will learn how to do lots of everyday activities with a free, long body: sitting, walking, walking up the stairs, bending and picking things from the floor, writing,using the voice, etc.
After the course learners will be much more aware of habits of undue strain and tension and they will know how to change those habits.

The cost of the 8-week course is £110 (Concessionary cost £88). Numbers are limited to 8 people. In order to register, please find contact information here: